The GYEEDA Report - Interactive Summary
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It is only in Ghana where we give over GHC 950 Million (about 3-times the profits of the top 3 banks in Ghana in 2012) to an Institution like GYEEDA; where the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER who is supposed to manage such monies; DOESN'T EVEN KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT FINANCE!

In the 2012 Financial Year, the profits of the top 3 banks in Ghana; Ecobank (GHC 143.16 Mil), Ghana Commercial Bank (Ghc 142.97 Mil) and Barclays Bank (Ghc 105.11 Mil) summed up to about GHC 391 Million.

An yet ... our politicians are taxing us right from the "road to the bedroom" i.e. "Road Tax and Condom Tax"!