Ghana Crude Oil Revenue�
2011 - 2012

Charts of Crude Oil Liftings by the Ghana National Petroleum Company on behalf of the Government of Ghana between 2011 and 2012. (Source: Ministry of Finance)

Key Notes:

The charts below represent ONLY Ghana's Share of the Crude Oil Production.

Total volume of crude oil production in 2011 was 24,451,452 barrels and of this amount Ghana's share was 3,930,189 barrels (16.07%) yielding US$444.12 million (GH¢690.26 million)


Total volume of crude oil produced in 2012 was 26,351,278 barrels, Of this amount, Ghana's share was 4,931,034 barrels (18.71%) and yielding US$541.07 million (GH¢978.27 million)

Ghana's Total Accumulated Volume lifted by end of 2012 - 8,861,223 Barrels
Ghana's Total Accumulated Revenue of lifted crude end of 2012 - USD $ 985,286,046